Sunday, October 11, 2009

Tweeting For Freedom

Wow, Twitter, what a simple concept but what a fabulous idea. The symbol for this mobile personal instant messaging system is a unassuming baby blue bird.
Don't be fooled by this tiny birds meek demeanor, for when necessary the bird turns into a fierce and ferocious eagle for freedom.
Superman and Batman can't hold a candle to this winged messenger for freedom around the world.
As the common man fights the forces of tyranny that continually try to enslave him, this little bird is there to send the message of hope.
This summer both the people of Iran and Honduras used the freedom loving bird to communicate with the outside world of their plight.
Now, we find the people of America resorting to the use of this friendly but firm blue bird.
Every day more people around the country are seeking to voice their displeasure with the Obama Administration and the way the economy is going.
They are gathering but not at street corners. Their gathering on twitter and communicating their displeasure and seeking answers to the biggest questions they've been forced to answer in a long time.
Their numbers are now in the millions and growing every day. The Right side of the political spectrum doesn't do things like this, normally. They live their lives quietly around the country raising children and working hard to care for their families.
But now there is a call to arms around the country, a call that has not been heard for decades. This call is for freedom and a more moderate solution to our countries problems.
Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Teachers, Teenagers, Fathers, Mothers, Politicians, Professionals, Ditch Diggers, Priests, Ministers, Nurses, Doctors, Cooks, everyone is using the blue bird to get the word out that they are not happy and they are going to be heard one way or another.
They go by names like, AmericanEagle, GWashington, FreeAmerica, Patriot, chantusa, ThePatriot09, GOPattorney, God_Guts_Guns, TheFreeNat., FlyingPatriot, CaptDougMetko, Loyalist1780, DieForFreedom, 2BlueStarMom.
They are all freedom loving Americans ready to defend the country they love. No leftist government is going to take that country from them.
As storm clouds gather over the evil people in power, a small blue bird with claws and beak of an American Eagle descend upon them for the final kill.


Rotti said...

that was great, loved it and so proud to be one of them.

Nicholas Contompasis said...

We are glad you are too.

Raymonty said...

Good article and thank you for sharing, - Raymonty/GoodTroll.

P.J. Trpster said...

Glad to know that we are being noticed.

Just too bad that Twitter is now screening and "timing out" accounts that seem to be tweeting from the right.

I know that my tweets are being screened, and I have also been in what we are calling, "TWITMO".

I've been in "TWITMO" a few times now, totaling over 7 hours of not being allowed to tweet.

As I am screened now by Twitter, it appears that none but my followers can "hear" my tweets, not even to addressees if they do not follow me.

I cannot tweet my Senator, @SenatorReid, and I am a Nevadan!

So sad that we are being censored like this.

jqluvsrunning said...

Tweeting for Freedom is awesome! You put into words just what I'm thinking. Looking forward to reading more of your articles. :o)

John Kubicek said...

Nicholas, a great column, and I recommend everyone on the Right to read this, whether they are and Republican, Democrat or Independent. Twitter has become a 24/7 Tea Party, my friend!

I have added your story to my blog tonight because I want others to start using Tweeting for Freedom. Writing tweets is much better than any violence.

Also, I have come across so many great new friends here, people I wouldn't have ever had the pleasure to meet otherwise. So many people that share my values and ideals and desire to keep America FREE! And it grows everyday.

We are proving that "We Surround Them" as Glenn Beck had said awhile back. And, best of all, WE no longer have to feel alone!

Keep up the great work, my fellow Patriot!

~ John