Monday, October 19, 2009

Obama Wants to Drug Our Kids for Votes !

According to several websites, this is a picture of President Barack Obama smoking marijuana when he was younger.
Today this same President has for all intentional purposes legalized marijuana in the United States.
By ordering his Attorney General Eric Holder to back off on all federal cases involving smokers and sellers in states that have legalized medical marijuana, Pot is in essence legal.
As a resident of a state that has legalized medical marijuana, its common knowledge that just about anyone can get it for just about any medical reason, legitimate or not. Kids all over the state are now getting it for fake headache's.
Now, let's put our thinking caps on and look at the front pages of every paper in America. Across every page we see how the new massive health care bill is pushing through congress.
Based on expert opinions, a bill will be passed and most likely with a government option.
So, is this the end game, the legalization of marijuana? The federal government will now be the pusher of a once illegal drug?
Does this also mean that you the American tax payer are going to be on the hook for this drug handout? You betcha !
That's right, with the new Government Health Care Plan, you the American taxpayer will be paying for the dope that these losers will be smoking.
Obamas attempt to dopify America is right on the horizon with the potential of drugging millions of our countries young people. With many kids eligible to vote in the next Presidential election I'm sure he's licking his chops to help swing the vote his way by assisting our kids in getting high.
Parents should be very concerned about this new development, because it shows a clear intention by the Obama Administration to drug our high school and college kids.
Will this President stop at nothing to get votes from our young and inexperienced citizens? It appears so!
I think it's time to stop this President from destroying our children's future and the future of America, don't you?

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