Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Doesn't Anybody Think Anymore ?

Who the hell is leading the Health Insurance Industry in America ? Is the industry that fragmented, that with a train heading for them at 110 mph they don't have the good sense to get out of the way.
Did they actually think that this congress, with its far left leadership and a socialist President like Obama, would leave them alone? Did the executives of these multi billion dollar corporations really think that they could cut a deal with tax cheats, racists, double talkers and liars in this congress and the White House ?
Obviously YES, and it just may cost every American the good health care they have cherished for decades.
The issue is now forcing this insane government to " throw out the baby with the bath water " and force more taxes on the American people to be of course waisted on another inefficient government agency that will eventually bankrupt our great country.
If the Health Insurance Industry would have healed itself by correcting issues that the far left liberals had against them our country wouldn't be in this mess. Yes, if they had "fallen on their swords", "bit the bullet" and sacrificed a good portion of the profits earned, this country would be much better off. It would have also minimized the government argument.
So, now we have chaos, more taxes and a downward spiral of quality of care.
Oh, and let's not forget the eventual extinction of the Health Insurance Industry in America.
Nice job guys ! Doesn't anybody think anymore ?


Rotti said...

I they could think, they'd probably be dangerous.

Tina said...

Let's sprinkle some blame on the Republicans. Instead of spending like drunks, perhaps they could have opened up competition. Thanks for writing my thoughts!

Nicholas Contompasis said...

Bush's spending didn't jeopardize the future of our nation.
This President and this congress are dangerous to the future of our country and our children.
At the current rate of spending our daughters will be walking the streets like they do in Southeast Asia to survive.
That is no joke and is an economic fact.

rigamarock said...

"it just may cost every American the good health care they have cherished for decades."

Aside from the millions of uninsured?