Saturday, October 17, 2009

"1984" is Knocking. Are You Going to Open the Door?

At the end of 2010 the Bush tax cuts will expire and taxes will increase for all Americans that pay them. These tax increases are across the board and are in every area of taxable events.

Now, lets add to this the New Tax given to us by the Cap and Trade Bill. This will be a tax passed on to every ones utility bill that would eventually be increasing bills by as much as 300%.

Oh, and finally, I wish, we have the National Health Care Bill. This bill should be renamed "eliminate every loophole in the tax code, bill". Because it does just that. Its changes encompass everything from penalties for not filing a personal tax return to massive taxes laid upon the medical industry that will of course be passed on to you.

As a tax professional for over 40 years I have never seen a more comprehensive tax bill since the Reagan years. Except, Reagan's bill benefited the private sector and the American People. This bill encumbers them.

So, I'm trying to understand how a fiscally irresponsible and undisciplined government is going to collect all of these taxes from the American People without a REVOLUTION occurring.

That's right a REVOLUTION!

With the almost guaranteed doubling of the federal government and the smothering of the private sector and its potential. This congress and President are destroying the future of America.

I feel sorry of our children and grandchildren who will have to try and survive in this smothering environment.

An environment that will take all of your pay for taxes, "slavery ", and will tell you how to do everything from what to eat to what to say and think.

" 1984 " is knocking at your door ! Are you going to let it in ? Are you going to continue to do nothing ? Are you going to stand up for your family, your children, your grandchildren ?

Are you finally going to do something for your country instead of taking ?

Well do it, do it NOW. Because your country needs you, NOW, not tomorrow, TODAY.

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