Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Cry A Lot These Days !

On August 11th of this year I started this Blog, my first. Being a financial guy writing has always been something that has been secondary. Most of my communications had always been verbal and dealt with numbers and their importance.

Once I started this Blog I suddenly realized the power that was at my fingertips and with the ability to touch so many at once. As I produced more articles the feelings for my country galvanized more than ever. Every day hundreds of new people entered my life through the Blog, with almost no opposition to my ideas. Validating that I was on the "Right" track. My short articles made it easy for busy people to get the point quickly.

By using Twitter to get my articles to the people, it opened up more contacts and more interaction. It was expanding into an ever growing community of like minded people.

It still is growing at breakneck speed as our country becomes more dissatisfied.

In the morning, I would notice that 35 people on twitter were now following me. My first reaction to this was surprising to me, a relatively tough guy, who has developed a pretty hard shell over the years. I started crying ! The fact that people from around the country felt that my words meant something to them, left me with great satisfaction and fulfilment.

It was wonderful to know that I was not alone in my struggle to change the mistake we all made back in November of 08.
Occasionally, I'll find that someone has quoted from one of my articles and re tweeted it throughout the world for all to see and yep, there I sit sobbing my eyes out, again.

The love for this country by true patriots across the nation is pouring out from every village and town in America. I know, because I occasionally watch the thousands of town and city names that hit my website. Names, for the most part, I've never heard before.

People searching for the truth, the like minded and the life source that runs through the veins of every hamlet and metropolitan area in America.

They are searching and finding. With modern technology no one should feel as a "lone voice in the wilderness".

So, shout, shout, shout to the heavens your displeasure with whats being done to your country. Shout, shout, shout and don't stop shouting.

For our country needs you now, more than ever.

And yes, I still cry a lot these days.......
for this wonderful country.......
America !

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Anonymous said...

We all have good reason to cry these days. There's a socialist regime in the White House.