Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Obama-Cloward-Piven Strategy Will Kill Us All

"First proposed in 1966 and named after Columbia University ( the college Barack Obama attended and graduated from ) sociologists Richard Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven ( husband and wife ), the "Cloward-Piven Strategy" seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse." *
Mao Tse-tung, Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler are the most resent tyrants in history who have gained control under the guise of "a better society for all" . They ultimately killed
millions of their own people and even more through war.
All three had their own unique way of changing society and consolidating power. But, they all ended up the same way except Mao. Mao's China which has become less violent and has adopted many capitalistic principals.
With that said, It's important to know, that our own modern day home grown Socialist movement, all started with the acceptance of the Cloward-Piven Strategy, in our academic settings.
If you examine the first paragraph of this article you can understand why we are now having problems in America.
We now, have Unions, Senators, Congressman, Judges, Minorities, Non Profit Organizations and most disenfranchised groups in America heralding this strategy as a war cry.
Now, the Executive branch of our country has been taken over by left wing theorists who think they can change America into this nightmare.
Let's remember that its very possible that our President was taught by Mr. Cloward (socialist)at Columbia but because his college records have been sealed, we don't know for sure. But, again another sign and tactic of a takeover regime.
To illustrate this strategy lets take a look at Unions and how they work in America.
Unions first muscle their way into a company and eventually an industry such as the auto industry. The aim is contrary to normal belief and rhetoric that the purpose is to better the worker.
It is to bankrupt the company and eventually turn over the company to the Unions. By asking more and more benefits for the workers the company can no longer exist. This is basic socialism.
That is what President Obama is trying to do to America with the help of liberal congressmen.
He wants to bankrupt America financially, lower the standard of living for all Americans and consolidate his power by reshaping our economic system, values and beliefs into the image he feels it should be.
If that sounds scary to you, it should. You should be shaking in your boots at this point.
As you can see it doesn't take long for this to happen, yes, even to America.
According to Moody's the rating agency, Americas debt will lose its highest level of quality within 5 years. Meaning that at that point we will have to pay more to borrow our debt. Meaning that most or all of our tax revenue will go to paying off the debt leaving nothing for the people for support services that maintain a normal safe society. You can just imagine what happens than, a complete breakdown of our society.
All that will be left will be a ruling tyrannical government that will crush all civil liberties and rights.
As you can see there is no normal end game to this madness. Most likely millions will die, wars will be fought and a great divide will occur in this once great country of ours.
All for the sake of power by just a few. Are you going to let that happen?
Remember it took almost 5 years for Hitler to consolidate power in Germany. Will it take Obama that long or will it be less?


Anonymous said...

Let me think now..........Cloward-Piven's Strategy, weren't these welfare-movement tactics responsible for bankrupting NYC in 1975? And its off shoot, ACORN, didn't this organization's mortgage-movement tactics play a very instrumental role in the current mortgage crisis our country is now engulfed with? Hmmm.......isn't this called sabotage?

Nicholas Contompasis said...

Very good. Thanks for the good comment.

Anonymous said...

These people are so corrupt that even SNL did a skit about them and their financial misdeeds. They were the beginning of the end of our financial institutions. It amazes me that more people don't understand how these people relate to 2009 and the Maxist movement currently underway. To deny that this is actually what is happening, you have to have your head buried up your a$$. Patriots like you do us a great service by continuing to shine a spotlight on issues and people purposely driving our country into Cuba-lite.