Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It Was a Perry Mason Moment for Dick Cheney Tonight

Many of you are to young to remember the famous fictional lawyer Perry Mason who would in the final throws of a story force a confession from the murderer while on the witness stand. Stanley Gardner's character would stand in the middle of the court room wielding his legal tongue while slowly checkmating his opponent.
This colorful and skillful attorney came to life this evening in the form of former Vice President Dick Cheney.
Cheney the sole defender of the Bush Administration proceeded to shred the Obama Administration to bits by giving the full story of the recent transition of power to Obama & Co.
The topic was Afghanistan which seems to be the current administrations dilemma.
If Obama thought he had problems before Cheney spoke he sure would have more afterwords.
Prior to the transition Cheney and Bush handed over a complete review of the Afghan war including the need for more troops to Obama.
That means, that Obama knew he needed more troops almost 10 months ago and he did nothing!
When Obama took the reins of the new administration he asked Bush and Cheney not to say anything about the review, which they agreed.
I'm sure that the agreement would have been kept if it were not for the comments made this past weekend by Obamas new 5 Star General "Rahm Emanuel".
This little Jewish punk from Chicago on Sunday declared that he would not authorize more troops until after the Afghan election runoffs.
I imagine the top brass in the Pentagon must have been throwing beer cans at the TV after that comment.
With General McChrystal playing a loose and fast game with the President over this same topic we now have a Midget Thug from Chicago telling our Generals whether we're going to send in reinforcements to save the forces on the ground.
So, in response to this incredibly stupid move by Obama & Co. the Generals sent in the biggest gun in the west, Dick Cheney.
Tonight, armed with the sharpest tongue known to man Cheney reduced the Obama Administration to children playing in a elementary school yard.
It was inspiring to watch Cheney as he skillfully carved up the carcass of the new and very inexperienced administration but sad to see that it all had to come to this.
It's not a good thing for a President to battle with his Generals because the President always loses, one way or another!

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Tamara said...

It sure was Nick, and I was hanging on every word, with a hearty agreement!!