Friday, October 23, 2009

Big Trouble at the U.S. Border !

What does President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran, President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and the violent "La Familia" Cartel all have in common ?
For the past two years Chavez has been working with Ahmadinejad of Iran to cook up a scheme to hit back at the U.S. without being to obvious.
Chavez is attempting to fund and direct "La Familia" the drug Cartel with the aid of Iran.
This past week across the U.S., hundreds of members of this Cartel have been arrested in an attempt to slow its growth. In an economic down turn its a losing battle to try and stop the drug flow coming from Mexico. It's a noble cause but a losing one.
This is why this developing story is so important.
For the past 7 years Chavez has been supplying money and arms to the gorillas in Colombia. Why is he so interested in Colombia? Colombia's biggest export is cocaine. The gorillas and Chavez use it to fund the revolution in Colombia and keep the flow of illegal drugs open for the Mexican Cartels.
Now, that the Colombians, with the support of the Bush Administration, have turned this war around. The gorillas are on the run and have been minimized.
Now, Chavez, with the help of Iranian operatives in Venezuela, is taking his game to the big league "Mexico". This Colombian template has now been laid across the vast Mexican landscape. Yes, a failed template for taking over a country but not for infiltrating Al Qaeda and Iranian terrorists.
Both Chavez and Ahmadinejad have big axes to grind with the U.S. so, expect anything coming across our pores southern border (Guns, Drugs, Terrorists, Weapons of Mass Destruction).
It is speculated that with the help of the Cartel, terrorists are now in our country ready to strike at any given moment.
It's believed that any attack on either Venezuela or Iran would result in terrorist bombings and attacks in cafes and malls across America.
Now take note of the arrests, just this week. If you recall at the beginning of the week suspected Arab terrorists were arrested in Massachusetts attempting to acquire automatic weapons to attack malls and shopping areas. Than, later in the week we have the arrests of La Familia Cartel members.
There is a connection and I'm quite surprised the majors haven't pick up on it yet. Maybe they will some day if they ever get out of "Obama Jail" and start acting like reporters instead of lap dogs.
Something is definitely up, so I thought I would pass this on !

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