Saturday, October 3, 2009

It's Not Afghanistan Stupid

I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall during yesterdays "25 minute potty break" between General McCrystal and President Obama in Copenhagen. 25 minutes, hum, not really enough time for even that ! So what could they have said that was so important that the General had to fly 600 miles for the meeting?

That's about enough time to hand off a pink slip to an employee, right, or maybe a promotion ?

But, not nearly enough time to talk strategy, but enough time to tell your General that your completely pissed at him for discrediting him on national TV.

Was this a wood shed moment? Maybe.

The 60 Minuets revelation, of only talking to the President once since he took command, looks more like a conspiracy between the show and the General to attack the President.

Is it possible that CBS has finally seen the light and has decided to join the fight along side our patriots.

Not so fast my friends, but you know it did make a great story and put the show back on the side of true investigative journalism when it comes to politics.

Apart from the very brief meeting General McCrystal not only requested more men but he supposedly has asked for a completely new game plan and is seeking the Presidents approval.

My god a General asking the approval of a community organizer. I bet this will be good. I'm sure the first thing out of Obamas mouth was setting up ACORN offices all over Afghanistan. Where's Fox News or should I say the pimp and the prostitute ?

OK now lets all step back from this part of the story and look at the bigger picture. What is the elephant sitting in the middle of the room that everyone wants to ignore ? Iran / Israel , very good, you win a pickle as Don Rickles always says.

Why is the President hesitating to send troops ? This seems to be the big question that most military annalists are asking. Surprisingly, I think I have the answer and it's not a simple one.

How President Obama takes care of this issue telegraphs to Iran what the US has in store for them. He knows this too.

Its my belief that what we've witnessed for the past few weeks between the General, the President and the Press is all contrived to mask the true strategy for Iran not Afghanistan.

I further believe that the US realizes just how bad it could be if Israel attacked Iran alone. So while the world is watching the left hand the right hand ( western allies with Israel ) is getting ready to take out Iranian energy facilities. This would cripple the country economically, emotionally and would cause a change of regime.

I want to give this President the benefit of the doubt and expect him to go along with our generals military plan for Iran. Of course this isn't his plan he's just a liar who gives speeches.

If I'm correct and he pulls this off he gets a huge feather in his cap, Iran becomes neutered Hezbollah and Hamas are castrated, "to keep the theme going" and he swings the US independent vote back into his column.

Its a win win win for the President, Israel and the World, but is this the plan and if it is will he carry it out. Or will he do what JFK did who left the freedom fighters on the beach at the Bay of Pigs in Cuba to be cut to shreds by Castro ? As JFK found out it's not a good thing to go half way with the U.S. Military. Are you listening Mr. Obama ?


warlord72582 said...

i like your style. i like your opinions and i like that there are people who have the courage to tell the truth..despite the current conditions of our country..i still believe.. in freedom, justice , god , and a sparkle of good in the majority of americans. i do not trust anything i read in newspapers or see on tv. and few radio talk shows..but there is a movement circulating that brings a grin to my face. a beginning of hope. common sense is alive and well and despite the fact that our justice system is not only flawed but horribly slow, i know that the future is going to bring some surprises to the present, ha, commander in chief and all his czars. keep up your attitude, i hope your health is steady and you are able to continue until we can sit back and laugh and say, can you believe it went on for that many months? thank you, too.

Nicholas Contompasis said...

To the last comment.
Thank you very much for the kind words and I do look forward to that day, my friend.

Soloman said...

I find it fascinating, the similarities between Obama and JFK when it comes to use of the military.

Just as JFK saw Vietnam as a productive war and furthered our endeavors there, Obama sees Afghanistan. Sadly, with Obama as president we will garner no more support from the world community than we found under Bush, for the world sees Afghanistan for the pit that it is.

The only way that place will be safe is if we were to take it over and make it a territory, so that we could then rightfully nation-build for a productive future.

Nicholas Contompasis said...

Thanks Soloman for your comment.I think it's important for us to remember that Iran is at the core of most of our problems over there. It may be time to cut the snakes head off. This will be Obamas big decision.