Friday, October 2, 2009

Obama and Letterman Have "Jumped the Shark"

There comes a time in some peoples lives when the tide turns, the winds shift and the stars move out of alignment.

It looks as though that time has come for Barack Obama and David Letterman. Its almost biblical in form as David is forced to expose his sexual behavior to the public and Barack has to fly back to Chicago and explain why the "anointed one" has lost the Olympic bid for their fair city. Let's not forget his Health Care Bill which is headed for a direct confrontation with the American People.

As the tides become stronger against the endeavours of both men they continue to spin out of control.

I'm sure many on the right especially Sarah Palin are sitting back with a smile of glee.

This is typical of the far left as they fall into their own trap.

With Letterman blasting Palin about her personal life and exposing his perverted version on stage every night during the elections and after. He is now forced to swallow the big one.

Obama on the other hand tries to push the Olympics on Chicago which according to polls "they don't wont" by 70%. Sort of like the Health Care Plan, right !

Both men should take a rest and reevaluate their position in life and find some decency.

The tides and winds will get stronger as their decline continues to spiral them downward.

Taxing the American People into oblivion and demeaning decent people are not qualities anyone should admire.
Both men are now experiencing what its like to " Jump the Shark "