Monday, October 5, 2009

Why Are We Losing So Many Troops In Afghanistan ?

Why are we losing so many troops in Afghanistan? WOW ! I'm amazed at how oblivious everyone is when it comes to this subject.
If you can figure out why the increase, you might be able to stop it, right ? That seems reasonable doesn't it ?
Now we have General McCrystal duking it out with the President in public over his request for more troops to solve the problem. This is creating a side show for all of our enemies to enjoy after a long day on the battlefield but its not helping our public machismo.
I know the answer to this daunting question but I think Ill savor this just a bit longer.
Historically we really haven't had that many casualties in this war. I know, 1 killing is too many, but when it comes to war, our losses in this one are small.
But in late July of this year President Obama changed his strategy in Afghanistan which most in this country missed and seemed to have forgotten.
That change was to attack and crush the opium trade which produces 90% of the worlds heroin.
President Obamas orders were to kill the drug kingpins in the region.
For years the Bush Administration has let them do their business almost unimpeded until Obama.
Now, all of a sudden our casualties have doubled and tripled since the change in policy and everyone wonders why. I think after 100's of years of doing business these drug dealers are just a little upset.
Take a look at the list below. Its as plain as the nose on your face.
So, thinking logically why don't we just stop attacking the drug dealers and go after the Iranians who are well on their way to developing a nuclear bomb.
But, i guess It's easier to beat up on a General instead of the enemy right Mr. Obama.
I guess Mr. Obama wants to do a President Truman on General McCrystal to gain his manhood. Bad form Mr. President, bad form !

Deaths U.S. Troops in Afghanistan

J 25
F 24
M 28
A 14
M 27
J 38
J 76 * <= Change of policy on drug dealers
A 77 *
S 70 *
O 20 *
N 0
D 0
399 Total for 2009

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