Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Martial Law in America is Coming !

If you think that the Obama Administration is going to go away in 2012 because of an election or the expiration of his term, you better think twice.

America........, its time to wake up. The White House has been taken over by Marxists. They will not give it up nicely. They've waited decades for this takeover, do you honestly think they'll just walk away?

Barack Obama is a Marxist. Marxists by definition are dictators who historically have killed millions and have sent societies backwards by decades.

There is no progress with Marxists, just power grabs, one right after another, country after country. Many of the foolish followers of Obama are on board for their own power and monetary gain but for Barack Obama this is about seizing and keeping control of the most powerful nation in the world. He intends to mold America into his likeness whether you like it or not.

We are in trouble my fellow Americans.

In the first week of November we will be experiencing several elections across the nation. The techniques that Obama uses to sway these elections should be watched very closely.

Obamas use of groups like ACORN have perverted our elections in the past and will most likely haunt elections in the future, if we let them.

It is my belief that Obama is planning, at this moment, the manipulation of the 2010 congressional elections and will use this same plan as the blue print for his reelection in 2012.

As he slowly starves the populous of the capitalist economic system of which we are all accustom too, he will expect us to become more reliant on his government for our survival. The idea is for us to forget about capitalism because its not helping us now, "we need to seek a better way" is his plan.

Obamas plan of complete domination of our federal government was well on its way until April 15th 2009 when America for the first time in decades took to the streets to say NO to his plans of complete domination. Even his liberal democrats in congress took notice of the tea parties and town hall meetings across the country.

This flat out rejection of his policies by the American people, according to polls, have forced Obama to rethink his tactics. The speed at which he is pushing his agenda through congress is one of the changes along with numerous Executive Orders. His appointments of many left wing socialists and redistribution types are setting the framework for seizing not only government control but also using the process of "Clawback" to seize from a selected wealthy. That wealth will be redistributed to his loyal power base such as in the GM and Chrysler takeovers.

If you remember your German history that is exactly what Hitler did when he confiscated Jewish assets in the 30's.

It is my belief that if Obamas popularity continues to decline and his followers continue to lose seats in congress, which is projected for 2010, I would expect Obama to do the unthinkable.

If Obamas reelection looks bleak going into 2011 expect him to fabricate a national emergency that will cause him to declare Martial Law. This emergency could be caused simply by issuing an Executive Order that would anger White Christians. In reaction to the order, people would take to the streets and he would clamp down on our rights by seizing guns and limiting rights by cutting off the Internet and delaying elections.

It can be done that easily and that quickly. So, its very important for all of us to keep networking and spreading the word. Peaceful resistance will be the keystone of our endeavour. If you've done nothing, get involved, even if its just a chat board or going to a Tea Party demonstration. Write letters, call your representatives, do something and don't stop doing it until this National Nightmare is over.


Tina said...

It is my hope if Obama tries a forcible takeover without an election, our military (the most honorable, brave and faithful in the world) would keep their oath to uphold our constitution and forcibly remove Obama. Although, I believe, there would be riots across the U.S. by Obama’s Acorn thugs and other minions if the military were forced to take a stand. I also believe Obama’s defense of president Manuel Zelaya of Honduras, when he was ousted by their army, was telling. Thanks for your blog and sharing your thoughts with us!

Anonymous said...

A huge threat on the horizon is Agenda 21. Many may not be familar with this but it's worth checking out!!