Saturday, October 31, 2009

Denzel Washington To Play Obama

Denzel Washington the exceptional Hollywood actor has been chosen to play a not so exceptional President Obama in a upcoming movie about the President.
We are 10 months into this Presidents four year term and he has already received a Nobel Prize for Peace, for doing nothing. Now Hollywood is making a movie about him.
If you look at past movies about historic figures and events you'll notice that unfortunately the movie always overshadows the truth.
So, now we have to look forward to the "propaganda" coming out of Hollywood about this "egocentric minimalist President ".
Usually, its our kids that get duped by this technique of subliminally suggesting that this man is good for America. With the voting age at 18, we have a new crop of voters coming out for the next Presidential election who will most likely vote for this man, only because they made a movie about him. So, he must be good for America, right ?
Hollywood over the past 50 years has bashed Republican Presidents and events in history leaving the viewer with a twisted and perverted opinion of the party and events that they effected. Republicans never do anything right for the country and the people, according to them.
Big corporations are on that hit list too. Of course, they link big corporations and the military to the Republican party. The Big 3 of the Hollywood hit list. Oh and the CIA, can't forget about them. After all they did kill the Kennedy's and Martin Luther King.
Also, everyone knows that Republican actors and writers get nowhere in Hollywood. The top 10 grossing actors and actresses in Hollywood are democrats and contribute heavily towards democrat candidates. This is a fact that has been around for years.
If you look at movies made prior to 1950, war and political movies were pro military and pro big corporation. They had no political axe to grind against either party. They glorified the country instead of bashing it. Those were the good old days.
Not, now though, because in the early 50's we had the Un-American Activities Committee Hearings that tried to root out communists that had embedded themselves into Hollywood and Broadway.
This process left a bad taste in their mouth. We on the Right have been paying for the extraction for almost 5 decades but the country was made safer for the exercise.
After the fall of the Soviet Union many documents from their archives proved that there was a Soviet plot to use our media industry to sway public opinion towards a more socialist/communist ideology.
So, the next time you go to the movies on a Saturday night with your significant other, remember there is a head game being played on you.
With Obama, I mean Denzel Washington now in office, I would expect much more of the same style of indoctrination coming out of Hollywood.

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