Friday, October 16, 2009

Oh, Mr. President Your Waterloo Has Arrived !

How loyal are the moderate democrat voters? How shifty are the independent voters ? How dissatisfied are the far left voters. These three voting blocks are Mr. Obamas Achilles Heal. He's done a poor job of satisfying them over the past 10 months.
Just about the only people he has satisfied are liberal congressmen and an assortment of enemies around the world but they don't vote or do they ? After the resent exposure of ACORN it wouldn't surprise me if Saddam Hussein voted in our last election.
Gay voters are furious with him because he completely ignores them. Loyal old book democrats are starting to wonder if this President is beginning to effect their credibility.
Independents that voted for change are now looking at massive tax increases at all income levels, something they where promised wouldn't happen.

So, now the President is in a constant campaign mode trying to mend fences with his supporters, who are starting to feel just a little bit taken by his half truths and flat out lies.

His poll numbers have for the first time dipped below a 50% favor ability level. This is why he's jetting around the country as I write this article.

So, who's minding the country while this is all going on? I imagine the Czars right ? None of which have been confirmed by congress and the press, well forget them. Glenn Beck seems to be the only guy in the country that's informing the public of who they really are. Every one of his shows are now scaring the hell out of me.

So, ( there's that word again ) we have 10% unemployment, third quarter earning numbers are OK but nothing to write home about. We have every one of our enemies empowered by his indecisiveness.

We have two massive bills going through congress that will eventually cripple our economy and lower our standard of living so dramatically that you wont recognize our country in 10 years ( if he gets a second term ).

All of this turmoil is now churning faster and faster as the far right conservatives hammer this President for his numerous follies.

This President whether he realizes it or not is headed straight for his Waterloo.

I'm sure his ego is insulating him from the realities he seems to be floating over but this soon will end and he will face the stark reality that he is a President that has done nothing to help the country, his voter base or the future of the American People.

This is why he should go and go now !


Opus #6 said...

I worry that they don't fear the Waterloo. Obama says he is OK as 1-term prez if he gets to pass his agenda. That is why they are full steam ahead no matter WHAT. I hope we can stop/reverse the damage.

Nicholas Contompasis said...

You can have all the Bills you want but if future congresses
don't fund them they will not operate. So it's up to us to elect a congress that won't fund.

Anonymous said...

The biggest fear is that with "Chicago" control of the election next year, we will see Saddam Hussein and Mickey Mouse's voting numerous times at EVERY precinct. Take a look at the 75 or so OTHER Census "partners" other than ACORN. Its a list of similar suspects, including LaRaza and it's ilk.

We must be VERy vigilant to not be Al Franken'd.