Sunday, October 4, 2009

Is President Obama Being Held Hostage in the White House ?

Do you get the impression that we have a dysfunctional White House ? I know it can be rough getting started running the most important job in the world but the guys in the White House seem to be almost at war with each other. It seems to be a fundamental battle between two of the many disenfranchised groups that make up the current democrat party.

I still have the words of Reverend Jeremiah Wright rattling around in my head from his response to a question in early June. If you recall he was asked if he has spoken to the President. His response was very telling of the way this White House is being run. He said "them Jews aren't going to let him talk to me." This antisemitic statement from the Christian Reverend who has run President Obamas church for years seems to be showing his true colors.

But was it just a slip of the tongue or is there more to the statement ?

When I first heard the comment I immediately thought of the movie director Spike Lee and his many battles with Hollywood over his seemingly antisemitic remarks.

Is the first American Black President being held hostage by his liberal Jewish handlers ? It seems so !

Spike Lee calls a spade a spade whether the world likes it or not. Along with the Reverend they both reflect a growing antisemitic underbelly to the African-American community. This is something the liberal Jewish politicians in America don't like to talk about. Mainly because its important for them to keep the nearly solid 14% of the U.S. vote "enslaved".

Obamas seemingly antisemitic attitude towards the state of Israel has lead even the people in the homeland, to believe that he is just that.

There appears to be no love between these two rivals who coexist only to rule.

But, the cracks are starting to show already with many important decisions being put off or deferred to so called Czars. Decisions that a President should be making.

As the Reverend has correctly pointed out the Jews outnumber the African-Americans in the Big House right now. How long will that last is the big question?

With the 13 liberal Jewish democrats ( who represent 1/3 of the U.S. population) in the U.S. Senate, Obama can't pass one bill without their blessing and he knows it.

The numbers brake down like this, 14% U.S. African-American population with 1 Senator representing and 1.8% U.S. Jewish population with 13 Senators representing out of 100 in all.

Now, what does that look like to you? Is there hostility, " you betcha " and that hostility is about to erupt in the highest office in the land.

As each month passes President Obama is looking more like a kept man in the White House only to be let out to do his many speeches.

This Uncle Tom like appearance to his African-American constituency is starting to leave them frustrated and angry.

The African-American community seems to be losing patience with the lack of action on the part of the President to redistribute the nations wealth which he promised he would do.

With the obvious lack of unity in the "Big House" the possibility of a "Saturday Night Massacre" orchestrated by the President of his Jewish handlers is becoming more of a reality every day.

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