Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Next Level of Incompetency For This President

The President is embarking on his "next level of incompetency". As he is forced to confront the many complex problems of our nation this "Minimalist President" is trying to find a backdoor out of every quagmire that he encounters. After all a Senator who's voting record that's near nonexistent is ruling true to form.

With all of the talking and speeches around the world and domestically he really hasn't done anything to make our countries problems better and in many cases has made them worse, much worse. He has even created more problems for the country just based on his management style and hiring decisions.

From Afghanistan to Health Care to the indoctrination of our school children this man is about to decline into the "next level of incompetency".

It's not that he's and idiot, he's not, but his mind set and ideas of what he thinks America should be is not at all what the American people have in mind. This situation only causes strife, mistrust and anger from voters.

His polls have finally hit bottom and have leveled off. This is the critical juncture that all mislead and delusional leaders reach, when they realize that they actually have to be a leader instead of just acting like one.

More speeches wont work. After a while the people know when they're being BS'd. They want real action, positive action that will please them and not divide them.

Is he capable of this ? I don't think so !

With all of the issues on his plate, the chances of him scoring 50% favor ability from the American People would be amazing. Based on his governing experience of which he has none, this country is in a world of hurt with him at the helm.

The "Minimalist" in him will always put our country on the losing end of any deal he strikes. He is selling America short because he sells himself short. If you don't commit or follow through there is no result to be measured by. That's his motto. It's just that simple. Its just that sad, for him and for America.

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