Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Obama's Face

While watching the President's face and mannerism during Saturday nights White House dinner, he seemed miffed as he tried to deliver his halfhearted lines to an audience that was seeing right through him. 
He no longer had the luster that made him special, even to his opponents. 
But now it was evident that the job was taking its toll or should I say, it's more like his luck had run out and the smiles and cockiness were gone.
What I saw on his face was a vengeful President ready to unleash a Leftist barrage of ideological mandates on the American people.
Conservatives and the Tea Party are making his life in the White House hell as they move closer to the eventual truth that he, his Party and the Mainstream Media had conspired to coverup one of the biggest foreign policy blunders in American history, Benghazi.
I'm fearful at this point to be to specific on just what he may unleash, but I know one thing, the American people won't take it sitting down.
He is expected to announce shortly his Climate Change doctrine with many new restrictions on energy that could shut down America for good.
His upcoming speech scheduled for the end of this month at West Point is expected to be a doozy, that will send a frigid chill through the air for our new officers.
He knows by now he will lose the Senate after November's midterms. He and his Administration will be lawyering up as the new sheriff in town, the Tea Party will be subpoenaing everything he's done from day one.
So, with the help of Harry Reid in the Senate he'll make his final move of broad stroking his sick ideology on the American people.
All of this is not good and how America reacts to these drastic changes could change the face of our nation forever. - N.P.Contompasis

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