Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wall Street Insiders Cash In While America Starves

I’m a capitalist but what’s happening on Wall Street is downright organized thievery. As the Federal Reserve uses their member banks as a conduit to move major American stock prices up, the money they print is devaluing our dollar thus forcing you to pay more for goods and services. Corporate insiders are now cashing in by selling into these contrived new stock highs. Yes, as more Americans lose their homes, jobs, savings and diminished earnings due to more and more taxes, owners of publicly traded American corporations are in on the fix and cashing in on the biggest free money giveaway in decades.
Below is a chart of US corporate insider Sells ($662 Billion) vs. Buys ($1.565 billion) of their own stock. Bottom line - corporate insiders sold 423 TIMES more stock than they bought in the past month - the fleecing of America continues unabated. The list below illustrates who’s getting rich off our ever-devalued dollar. Are you paying attention?

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