Saturday, November 20, 2010

Who To Call If TSA Hold's That Junk of Yours to Long

With the TSA sticking by its policy of requiring select air travelers to submit to visual observation or physical touching of their private areas before they can fly, a number of groups are collecting reports and facilitating public discussion.
The American Civil Liberties Union has put up a page on which to report TSA screening abuses.
The Electronic Privacy Information Center has a “Body Scanner Incident Report” page.
And the U.S. Travel Association has a site called “Your Travel Voice,” and a related Facebook page where people can share their stories and air their views.
The activism site also has a Facebook page.
The TSA has a complaint form you can fill out, of course.
When you post to a Facebook page, obviously you’ll be sharing your story publicly. If you communicate with any of the organizations, you might specify whether you consent to sharing your name and your story with the media. Doing so can facilitate getting more stories and more public discussion of the government’s policies.
A “National Opt-Out Day” has been called for November 24th.

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