Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rangel Begs For Mercy - You Piece of Shit - While We Small People Pay Our Taxes You Feel You Shouldn't - I Want Him In Jail

Harlem Rep. Charles Rangel admitted he made "mistakes," then claimed he was "smeared," and finally pleaded for "a drop of fairness and mercy" in a rambling statement Thursday.
"I have been smeared with allegations of corruption and personal gain," Rangel said.
Rangel released his statement just before he was to learn his punishment from the House panel that found him guilty two days ago of 11 ethics violations.
"I was and am disappointed that the Committee reached its decision without affording me the right to adequately defend myself with the aid of counsel," Rangel wrote.
The 80-year-old lawmaker neglected to mention that it was his decision to show up for his ethics trial without a lawyer - and then boycott the proceedings after the panel refused his request for a delay.
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