Saturday, November 13, 2010

Deal Ends Democratic Leadership Fight - So the Black Man Takes the Lesser Job and The Dem's Had to Make a New Job for Him - I'd Call That Racist Wouldn't You?

(CNN) -- House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has struck a deal that ends the leadership fight for the number two slot in the new House minority, multiple senior Democratic sources tell CNN.

Under the compromise, current House majority leader Maryland Rep. Steny Hoyer will become the Democratic whip, which will be the number two spot in the new Democratic minority.
South Carolina Rep. James Clyburn agreed to end his bid for that spot and instead hold a new, third-ranking leadership post that will be created for him. In a letter to Democratic colleagues on Saturday, Pelosi said she plans to designate him "Assistant Leader."
In a statement Saturday, Clyburn -- an African-American -- said it was important that the party's House leadership represented "the diverse views, backgrounds and experiences of our membership." The new structure, he said, "honors the diversity and fosters the unity" of House Democrats.
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