Friday, November 19, 2010

Proof That Racist Liberal White Democrats Control the Democrat Party

By Nicholas Contompasis

On January 1ST 2011, in just a few weeks, 14% of the United States will not be represented in the U.S. Senate. Senator Roland Burris of Illinois will be leaving his position and will emphasize the now glaring hypocrisy that is the Democrat Party. The loyal black vote that votes nearly 100% Democrat in every election is once again not represented by their own in the elite Senate.

This is the same Democrat Party that moved heaven and earth to elect a half white, half black unknown to the Presidency. It’s now a known fact that the party lied and cheated to have Barack Obama placed as a front runner for President, while railroading Hillary Clinton the obvious leader in the race.

Yet, when it comes time to move well-educated and well-spoken blacks into the Senate they, the Democrat Party ignore them and opt out for other ethnic groups such as Jews which seems to be their ethnic group of choice. What is a little known fact in the U.S. Senate is that there are 15 liberal Jewish Senators out of 100 as of this date. The Jewish population in America is now 1.9% compared to 14% blacks. Sometimes, I wonder if black America even knows of this.

This is so indicative of professional football of the past, where for years, you never saw a black quarterback, yet the line was entirely black, loyally protecting its white ball chucker from onrushing opponents. Was there fear in white owner’s hearts that a black quarterback would be perceived as a spear chucker? Who knows, but it was just as obvious as what is going on in our Senate and someone should do something about it.

One wonders what the black population in the United States is thinking when an event like this occurs, or are they just not thinking? Is it possible they just don’t care as long as they get their government handout and a pat on the head? I for one don’t believe that and won’t ever believe it. Something else is going on within the inner sanctums of the Democrat Party that could be more racist than anything they spew onto the Right. Maybe the white Democrats realize that black America is larger than they are now and could end up controlling them if they didn’t keep the chains of racism close at hand.

Whatever it is that keeps the black man down in the Democrat Party, it’s not his fault. It’s more about the racist power-hungry liberal whites, fearful of a Mandingo-like takeover. It would be like the rape of their beautiful white wives as they’re carried off with smiles on their faces, the wives that is, and no liberal-racist Democrat could live with that one. Yes, there are liberal racists and they control the Democrat Party.

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