Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"If you touch my junk, I'll have you arrested" America Has Had It!

"If you touch my junk, I'll have you arrested." John Tyner, 31, objected to the use of both the revealing full-body X-ray scanner and the controversial new 'pat-down' technique used by officials of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). He recorded the entire event on his cell phone and now the world is involved and the verdict is in.

Based on the vast majority of Americans, it’s now obvious that America is mad. They’re mad at being patted down in their private areas, told to take off all sorts of clothing, instructed not to board with items as harmless as bottles with water and the list seems to never end as Muslim terrorists become more sophisticated.

We are now into our ninth year of protecting the three hundred million plus people that live in America from the Muslim terrorists that will stop at nothing to destroy our lives and our lifestyle. For most of those years the people of America have gone along with these inconveniences, but not anymore. It’s evident that they have had it, and are about to make a profound statement that could change the mood of patience and tolerance towards the third largest religion in the world to, “Get your own kind under control or we’ll vanquish you all.”

Yes, America’s impatience has gotten to the point that it wouldn’t surprise me if the American people demanded that all scanning and security inspections on humans be stopped. The anger is so great that God help any Muslim that tries to take over a plane; he or she could be literally torn apart by passive passengers, with most of the tearing being done by the ones with the most frequent flier miles. If a plane does go down because of a bomb planted on a Muslim or whoever, most now would feel that it would be just another reminder that the third largest religion is nothing more than a breeding ground for their fighters who have only world domination in mind. This would be the reminder or again a wake-up call to America that they must be stopped, wherever they are. Americans have now educated themselves to the fact that Muslims have been doing this since the religion was conceived and that’s nearly thirteen hundred years.

America has done a fabulous job in protecting its people, but at what cost? Could the cost be that the general population has been forced to look the other way, while a bullet is headed straight at them? It seems so.


Anonymous said...

Why would anyone wanna touch his junk? GROSS!!

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He sounds obnoxious!