Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Red China is Not Happy – Have You Noticed?

By Nicholas Contompasis

Today Rush Limbaugh reminded me of something I’d rather forget, the mysterious missile blast off the coast of Los Angeles, ten days ago. It seems that ever since President Obama visited India, and proclaimed that India would become a permanent member of the Security Council in the United Nations, we’ve been enduring unusual incidents.

Hours after this announcement the country experienced the mysterious missile blast from international waters just thirty miles off the coast of L.A. with only silence from our military. It’s now been over ten days and the story has been continually swept under the carpet by most until Limbaugh’s comment today.

Make no mistake about it, Rush knows a lot of important people. His friendship with high ranking Senators, Supreme Court Justices, Generals and Commanders is well known, so when he says that he has spoken to many people and experts about this incident and comes away stating that it was a Chinese missile blast, America should take note. I’ve listened to Rush since he first went on the air in Sacramento in 1988, just before he went national, and haven’t missed many days since. His words have always helped especially during trying days such as these. His laser like focus on issues always kept me on point when I thought I was straying or felt that my conservative principles were wavering.

The point is that Rush isn’t a kook or nutcase who wildly speculates about current events. He’s right on the money nearly every time, as he brags that he’s 99.8% correct.

Is it possible that Red China is angry with the United States since we used them like an overworked coolie, manufacturing our goods at rock bottom prices, and leaving them with our massive debt as we move on to India to do probably the very same thing? It seems so.

Last night while I was reviewing news tweets for a new story, it hit. The bombing of a South Korean island by the North had just been announced by CNN and that sixty homes had been destroyed with many dead and wounded. I was still unsettled from Rush’s comment about the missile when this happened. It all made sense now and Rush was correct, Red China is angry at the U.S., very angry.

There’s no doubt that Korea is Red China’s wild card that they play against the west to test how serious we are. Well, it seems that new theater of war is about to heat up and Red China is obviously pulling strings. They now feel they have a license to go as far as they want since the Obama Administration refuses to do anything, anywhere.

The obvious cowardice and inexperience of this President is now encouraging our enemies to take bolder steps against us which is endangering every American. To think that a Chinese missile blasting off just thirty miles from one of our largest cities is frightening and should have every American preparing for the worst. Yet, America and our President continue to look the other way, while they stuff turkeys and mash potatoes for possibly their last supper.

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