Saturday, November 20, 2010

Americas Biggest Arms Deal Goes to a Muslim Country - Good Idea?

By Nicholas Contompasis

Its 9:41 P.M. E.S.T. Saturday November 20th 2010 and our congress has less than three hours to object to a $60 billion arms deal with the Saudis. This little deal, the largest arms deal in American history, is a good one for all of you armchair military strategists. Of course, you may have missed this, but no surprise since the media has conveniently buried it at every turn. Rest assured this is no little thing that can be swept under the carpet. The motives, entanglements and suspicions that ensnare this arms deal read like a James Bond novel with not just one enemy but several and could lead to a colossal catastrophe in the Middle East and elsewhere.
There is no doubt that Israel now leads this region in military strength with only Iran a distant second. But when Iran does develop a bomb, which may have already occurred, the balance of power will tip more in their favor, leaving a stalemate of sorts.

Now, we have from left field the Obama arms deal that will modernize the Saudi’s air-ground power and defense systems against a foe, but what foe? Is Israel the foe? Is Iran the foe? Who are they defending themselves from? Those are the big questions many on Capitol Hill and in the halls of the Pentagon are asking.

If one took the time to observe the political reaction to this deal by our congressmen and our President you would think no one cares a damn about it, except a Congressman by the name of Anthony Weiner from New York who is adamantly against the deal. Weiner is a perfect example of strange goings on in government today. It’s no secret that he has just married a Muslim-American from an Iranian background. He is considered very liberal and has voted for everything Nancy Pelosi has stuck down his throat, but his reaction to this bill a bit of a quandary that I’m sure the White House would like to stifle.

For some strange reason, well, maybe not so strange, the Obama Administration wants this under the radar and any squawking by young upstarts like Weiner is not welcome. Weiner proclaims, since he’s Jewish so far, that he worries about the homeland, Israel, and its ability to survive a well armed Saudi Arabia and a nuclear Iran, which, frankly is a damn good question that our President and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates are ignoring.

It’s no secret that Obama is friends with the Royal family and has been reported to have been helped through law school by a wing of this family that donates heavily to Harvard. That wing of the family is Prince al-Waleed, the wealthiest Muslim in the world, according to Forbes Magazine. It's also no secret that The Kingdom could be taken over by al-Qaeda, since they have been making inroads in the south and in Yemen.

What is interesting about the entangling alliances or could we say ensnaring missteps of this administration is that, there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to it other than to favor Saudi Arabia. They are the only winners in this deal except of course for the many defense contractors who will benefit from this lucrative deal.

Now, to go further, we have the President in Europe this weekend meeting with NATO heads and setting up a European missile defense system to protect them from a nuclear Iran. This is just another bit of news that I’m sure is making his supporters on the left spin in confusion. They want out of everything everywhere and he just keeps extending Bush era policies.

I have found it interesting that this President would rather arm Europe and the Middle East with anti-Iran weaponry rather than take the necessary steps to bomb Iran into the fifteenth century relieving just about everyone in the region and the world. Yet, he plays this game of protect rather than attack. He knows that a nuclear Iran and its octopi like tentacles that reach deep into Europe and now North America will never go away, as he sets the stage for the next big war that our children will be fighting.

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