Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Congress! It's Time to Get to Work Getting Control of Government. Here's How

The federal government is out of control. Congress must immediately reestablish legislative accountability by posting complete legislation, ending earmarks, reviewing all unauthorized programs and respecting constitutional limits on government. Congress must check executive branch overreach with aggressive oversight, roll back recent government interventions, stop unnecessary administrative regulations and sunset new ones, restrict bureaucrats’ rule-making authority and override expansive executive orders. Specifically, Congress must:

1. Provide Legislative Text: Each House of Congress must adopt a rule requiring the public posting of the text of each bill and major amendment not less than 72 hours before floor debate on that bill or amendment.

2. Stop Earmarks: Congress must permanently end the earmarking process which favors local pork projects over the national interest.

3. End Automatic Funding: Any program (other than for physical protection of Americans) that Congress has not reauthorized must be suspended for review.

4. Committees must not be permitted to create new programs with automatic funding or that specify minimum funding levels to circumvent the appropriations process.

5. Reassert Constitutional Limits: Rather than deferring to courts, Congress must promptly repeal any unconstitutional legislation enacted by previous Congresses, consider the constitutionality of pending bills and assert constitutional limits on the size and scope of government.

6. Stop Unnecessary Regulations: Congress must use the Congressional Review Act to stop new and unnecessary regulations. If the President blocks such action, Congress must use appropriations riders to prohibit agencies from adopting such rules.

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