Monday, November 15, 2010

The Obama Centralization of Government and Enslavement of the Private Sector

This chart is a clear illustration that the federal government is on a path to dominating our economy and every decision you once made. As you can see, in the past two years employment in the federal government has grown by ten percent while the state and local governments have declined slightly to within one percent.

While the federal government has grown and the state and local governments have stayed relatively the same one could conclude that any stimulus from the taxpayers was only used to save government, local and state government positions and grow federal positions.

In a time of great economic trauma and while well over eight millions jobs from the private sector are lost, it can be said that the federal government is hell-bent on overshadowing local and state governments.

It appears that we are watching the quiet takeover of the states that make up our country. The autonomy they once enjoyed is endangered by new regulations, financial burdens such as Obama-Care and Cap-n-Trade’s environmental regulations. Also, what must be included is this centralized governments attempts to stop states from acting in their citizens best interest as in Arizona, with the influx of illegal immigrants and criminals.

Another danger that seems to be looming with this centralization of power is its attempt to purposely grow the government sector so as to have more control over the private sector. With the passing of more laws that include thousands of new regulations that the private sector must adhere to, they can dominate most decisions private sector companies make. This is a dangerous and insidious way of slowly taking over the more efficient and profitable private sector. By the federal government controlling and taxing them more and more the private sector will eventually become just another U.S. Post Office type entity that will have to beg annually for subsidies to survive.

This rapid encroachment into the sector that has made America what it is must be stopped and turned back. With the newly elected conservative congress and hopefully a new President in 2012 we’ll be able to swing the pendulum back to a more decentralized government before we end up with a fascist dictatorial government that rules how we are to live our lives.

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