Saturday, November 27, 2010

America - There's No Time to Waste

By Nicholas Contompasis

There's no time to waste. America must install a federal government that it can trust. Trust is the key ingredient. At this point, unfortunately, Americans can't and shouldn't trust any branch of our federal government, from the Internal Revenue Service to the Department of Education. Even the Department of Homeland Security seems to have it's own agenda now. Every branch except the military so far appears to have been corrupted by this insidious Administration. Call it Paranoia, call it what you will, but to be on the safe side one should minimize contact until you can trust the government once more. Its sad that I have to write this but many Americans still aren't paying attention. This past November's elections were a start but that small start could be derailed by 2012, so it's up to every citizen to be on guard against getting involved with our government, if possible. The less involvement, the better.
There is no doubt that from the Attorney General's Office to the Environmental Protection Agency, our government is attempting to destroy our way of life. Even states are now under suspicion with their attempts to override or enforce federal laws that just don't fit into their political game plan. Yes, it seems that this administration has overlooked the people of this great nation for their own monetary and ideological gains. Anyone who gets in their way is crushed with smears, lawsuits, fines and over regulation of industries.
We must have a federal government that we can trust, not a machine that will eventually turn us all into Soylent Green. There's no time to waste.

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