Monday, November 29, 2010

The Implosion and Demise of Hillary Clinton - Wikileaks Plus 24 Hours

By Nicholas Contompasis

Now that some of the many hundreds of thousands of U.S. communiqués have been leaked to the world by Wikileaks, the fallout has just begun to descend. In my article posted yesterday morning, eight hours before a pre-release by both American and European papers, I exposed my theory on who is responsible for the leaks and the reason for this domestic and international disruption.

As I stated in my prior article Hillary Clinton would be the target of these diplomatic messages. Watching Hillary tap dance with her deliberate monotone voice that is so contrived, we saw her attempt to stave off the inevitable, her imminent resignation.

The leaks detail her attempt to gather personal information about our allies and friends around the world. According to Dick Morris on Bill O’Reilly’s Show tonight, she has used this method of “blackmail” before while he was a political consultant for her husband, President Bill Clinton. Morris referred to Hillary’s people, who were ordered to do the dirty work at the U.N. as her secret police. Needless to say, it appears that no matter what she says or does, the damage has been done and her effectiveness as Secretary of State has been minimized to the extent that she should strongly consider resigning.

Because of these leaks our allies around the world are in a state of limbo rendering them ineffective when dealing in a coordinated way for fear of being exposed. It could almost be said internationally the leaks have worked to destroy unity between any remaining coalition there is that’s attempting to fight the global radical Muslim takeover of the world.

With Hillary now destroyed internationally her days in politics are numbered. A run for President is out of the question since as a world leader she would be looked on as a conniving female who simply can’t be trusted by even our closest friends.

It appears that the leaks have done their job by destroying the one candidate who could beat President Obama in the 2012 primary for his reelection. Again, as stated in my article yesterday it is my contention that our President and his foreign, specifically in the Middle East, operatives are responsible for these leaks.

In past Wikileaks releases they have released very damaging information that was harmful to our military. It’s no secret that our President has been at odds with them for his entire two years in office. Is the President using Wikileaks to destroy our confidence in the one last bastion of strength left that protects us from the hordes?

What every detective asks when investigating a crime is who has the motive to commit the crime? Who benefits? Find that person and you have your criminal, it’s just that simple. Our President is the one person who benefits from Hillary’s exposure and eventual implosion. Our President is the one person who benefits from the disruption of our military. Remember, a leader cannot truly control a country without the military and this President finds it impossible to control them, thus the attack by Wikilieaks.

Again, in yesterday’s article this explains why the mightiest nation in the world refuses to stop Wikileads from leaking a third round of sensitive and top secret information. Our President has the power but refuses to stop them, why???????? He benefits!!!!!!!!!!

Update 12/3/10 Drudge Report
HILLARY: Secretary of State will be 'my last public position'...

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