Sunday, November 28, 2010

Why Hasn’t Our Government Stopped Wikileaks? Does Obama Hate America That Much?

By Nicholas Contompasis

Why haven’t the U.S. government and the U.S. military stopped Wilileaks? Why has our government acted so crippled and defenseless as this website reveals many of our top secrets and internal communiqués?

The U.S. military with its ability to destroy any nation with a press of a button just keeps taking it, as Wikileaks continues to humiliate the strongest military in the world. Now, on the eve of a third release of top diplomatic communiqués, this time between our State Department and its allies, Wikileaks is about to humiliate again. But is it?

To understand any attack one should first look at the target and who benefits from the hit. The targets so far have been our military and tonight’s release will be of our State Department and most likely members of it. This in turn will most likely affect our relations with our allies. So, simply stated, Wikileaks targets are the U.S. Military and our relations with our allies. Thus, the thrust of the attacks is on our influence and military strength around the world.

Now that we have the target defined we need to understand who benefits from the attacks. Of course we could list every enemy in the world that hates America, but that would be too simplistic and obvious. It goes much deeper and is more insidious.

I ask you to think about who has the power and the ability to restrain the United States Military and Government from going after Wikileaks? Why has the strongest military and government in the world stopped short of making this guy and his website disappear?

Well, maybe it could be our very own President! With his inability to control the U.S. military while at war and his now well documented hatred for all that is American around the world, this President very well may be attempting to sabotage both efforts. Behind the scenes along with his European connections using George Soros who we all know hates America; it is conceivable that a diabolical plan is at work.

Of course that could be a stretch naming George Soros as a key player but I think you got the concept. Now, let’s take this further. Who benefits politically from the release of State Department communiqués? Besides the obvious destruction of confidence between our allies, It will be very important to see if Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State is humiliated in these messages. I’ve been informed over the past week that Hillary has been frantically in damage control with diplomats around the world about this Wikileaks release leading me to believe that she is about to be thrown to the wolves. Hillary Clinton is Barack Obama’s key nemesis for his reelection bid and any move to discredit her is predictable. Of course by using Wikileaks his hands would be clean and Hillary’s political career would implode.

Needless to say, this evening’s release of highly sensitive communiqués will be another attack on America’s superiority around the world and unfortunately the American people will eventually have to pay for its country’s diminished strength. To think that our very own President is at the bottom of this hideous plan to destroy America is unsettling but believable, isn’t it?


Anonymous said...

Good questions. As I read an article about new releases from Wikileaks, I thought "George Soros???" So I typed in Wikileaks, George Soros to search and sure enough, possible and probable, if not certain, were ties. A president can take over banking and auto industries, sue our states, acquit criminals without due process (Black P.), but cannot deter or make a case against something or someone so sensitive to America's security? It fits right in with Obama thinking we are an evil non-superior nation.

Nicholas Contompasis said...

So true
Thx for the comment

TeZ said...

There is most likely more to this than any of us know

Anonymous said...

I agree TeZ!