Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Special Message To The People of California from the Rest of America

For decades the state of California has benefited from the beauty that is California, its beaches, mountains and weather. Growth was always a fixed factor, rather than a variable when running the state and projecting its future costs. This growth factor had over the years become a foregone conclusion for lawmakers who ran the state. The factor of growth was a luxury that most states in America had long lost with the migration to Sunbelt states by its baby-boomers. Using this growth factor California could always rely on increased revenues from property and sales taxes. The assurance by banks that operated within the state that real estate stayed higher than the rest of the country was the basis of the average man's wealth that could be tapped for entrepreneurial endeavors, thus feeding the once fourth largest economy.

But, now in 2010 the state faces difficulties that it has never faced before and one wonders if the people of the state truly understand what is going on in their economy. The back of the engine that has fueled the California economy is now broken, housing. As values continue to plummet and the winds out of Washington continue to attack home ownership one must wonder after Tuesday’s state elections what the people of California are smoking. Already I can hear your response to that, but seriously what in God’s name are they thinking electing an array of left wing radicals to run the state? Do they actually think that they are the Federal Reserve and can print their way out of the massive debt they have? It seems so.

What happened in Tuesdays elections was not only a message to Washington and the White House, but it was also a wakeup call to the people of California. The message was that the rest of America is not going to bail your asses out with Federal stimulus money that will put our children and grandchildren even further in debt. This new congress won’t allow it. Once Sacramento runs out of options they will finally be forced to break out their budget cutting pens and slash the bloated union contracts and unfunded liabilities that now weigh on the state like a dozen elephants.

So, as the rest of the country turns bright red, what are you going to do Governor-Elect Jerry Brown? Lazy economic policies of tax and spend wont get you out of this one, this time. It may be time to break out your Econ 101 book and join the rest of the country in saving it, rather than destroying it.


Michelle said...

As a Conservative in California, I felt like throwing up Tuesday night. I literally cried at the outcome of our election. Boxer and Brown, Liberal Judge Appointments, a "simple" majority vote to pass their Left-wing Progressive Budgets, continued implementation of AB32...and no fatty to smoke to help Mr forget!

Please DO NOT bail out my state! The Dems in Cali will never lose control if you do.

Anonymous said...

Another CONSERVATIVE California voter here. The state already got a bailout.
If you didn't notice, Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman were neck in neck. You have to believe me, not all Californians are not that crazy- we were trying to fight him off. I wouldn't put it past him to commit fraud, the layer of marxists in power here is so thick that you may never know if fraud happened during the elections.

We do not want a welfare state, we wanted opportunities. A lot of people here are Clintonites (almost republican) because of the dot com sector. Meg created jobs before, and CA has a 22% real unemployment rate. Most of the state voted republican in their districts, the screwed up areas voted blue. We don't want a welfare state.
And this federally funded $900 million rail is the reason why "Call me Senator" Boxer freak is still in power.

We have two HUGE problems here. The first is illegal immigration. IT's a federal issue. We need federal help in deportation and border control.

The second HUGE issue are the carpetbagging liberal transplants that either came here for the entertainment biz or for the summer of love. The environmentalists are the biggest group of phonies. Yes we'd like them to go back to their home state and screw up whatever hole crawled out of. And these hippies can take a bath for crying out loud.
Jerry Brown now can spend all he wants with a bailout. The tea parties in CA had huge turnouts. I'm sorry, we tried. CA shouldn't have gotten any bailouts. Honestly, under these conditions I think CA should seceed from the Union; without jobs there's no federal tax revenue and the mess we're going to be in is costly. Save San Diego and Orange County though.