Sunday, May 9, 2010

Why There Will Never Be Peace in the Middle East

George Mitchell, representing the Obama administration, has just announced that he has come away from this centuries old war torn land with little progress in bringing Israel and the PLO/Hamas/Hezbollah together.
I might as well get with it and say that there will never be peace in the Middle East as long as oil is the cornerstone of the world’s energy empire. Oil rich countries of the world benefit from the tensions in this region and others. As long as this premium is priced into a barrel of oil, most parties will play this chess game while pocketing the massive oil profits it generates. Everything you see on the world stage of false hopes and images is just that. It’s simply made up of actors with lines delivered out of the corners of their mouths.
It is said that we in the west are addicted to this Middle Eastern oil but it should also be recognized that Middle Eastern countries are also addicted to the money it generates. The lifestyles now being raised by most in this region, have become like opium that without would send them reeling into a giant withdrawal.
With Saudi Arabia as the big oil enchilada, Iran grows ever dominant in the region with only the United States as a protector. One has to ask the question, will there be peace and uninterrupted flow of oil to the west if Iran takes over the Middle Eastern region?
To even think of this happening a year ago would have been crazy talk, but with the Obama administration now stepping away from our global commitments, the possibility is real and dangerous for the world. If the mullahs in Tehran were more like dictators than religious zealots we would have half a chance at getting through to them, but as we all know religious zealots go down with the ship, and that ship could be the world.
The point of this article is simple, any further talks and negotiations with anyone in the Middle East about peace is a waste of time for America. It’s time to simply protect our interests in the region as long as we can and if that fails let’s leave it to the insane people who live there.
Let’s let “them” deal with the killings, decapitations, kidnapping, arms buildup, biological weapons, nuclear weapons, centuries old hatreds, hijackings and maybe some way, some how, they’ll someday realize their insanity.

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