Thursday, May 20, 2010

Obama Soon To Be Exorcised From the American Scene

It seems that every day the Obama administration gives the American people one more reason to visit the little Catholic priest down the street for an exorcism. Just last night while the President partied down with his new Arizona bashing buddy President Felipe Calderon of Mexico the now international bashing of the people of Arizona and America continues. By sucking up to the President’s domestic political agenda against Arizona, Calderon was assured receiving his billion dollars to fight Mexico’s drug war. Make no mistake about it there will be plenty for all including the drug gangs.
But the one big thing our President forgets is that while advancing his political agenda he’s stepping on every, man women and child in America. As polls prove the vast majority of Americans favor the Arizona law curbing “illegal alien’s illegal activities.” Alienating, there’s that word again, Americas 300,000,000 legal citizens while courting 15,000,000 illegal’s makes no mathematical sense or political logic.
As Americans around the country watch the destructive methods of their very own President towards his citizens of Arizona there is no doubt fear comes to the forefront. Fear that they could be next. Fear that if they stand up for their God given rights they will be attacked from the highest office in the land and allowed to be threatened by foreign governments. Now the average American is starting to wonder whose side is he on. Will he throw us under the bus too? Well, actually dictators do just that. A dictator’s subjects are just that, subjects, a number with no story. Subjects can be smashed like a bug on a windshield without a thought. This American fear is spreading throughout our land with many fearing the worst. America has never felt this level of fear before, well at least not since the civil war of the mid 19th century but its here again and it doesn’t feel good to America.
When Obama is finally removed from the America scene all that supported him will be looked upon as pariah. There will be no schools named after Obama, no streets, no airports, no mountain tops, for the Obama name will be wiped clean from American history like a long forgotten plague. The Obama stain on America will be forever bleached from its history and will never resurface again unless we lose our way, again.


Anonymous said...

Maybe if Senor Felipe cleaned up his own country, its citizens wouldn't be scurrying across the border in droves searching for a better life. He's got some real gonads coming over here espousing his ideas on what this country should be doing.

Johnboy1980 said...

That is exactly what I was thinking earlier. When will the madness end?

Anonymous said...

"America has never felt this level of fear before, well at least not since the civil war of the mid 19th century but its here again and it doesn’t feel good to America."

Seriously? Never? Not when people were too afraid to go to work during 9/11? Not even when our children had to practice hiding under desks in the 60's? Are you saying Americans have never felt fear of this magnitude for their future as they stood in bread lines during the great depression? Not even the fear they had for their children? Were Japanese Americans left comparably "at ease" while they were being taken to internment camps by their own countrymen & government in 1942? I ask you sir to honestly tell me why as Americans we should fear this limited time we have left under Obama, of Obama, more than we held fear in our hearts at any of those moments. Why we have undeniable reason to fear our president as those with dictators? Above all else I implore you sir to explain how President Barack Obama has used "destructive methods," that is, tactics to destroy, destruct, or slay of any one citizen of Arizona to bring him to the title of dictatorship. To give him the same title of mass murderers, tyrants and TRUE tacticians of destruction such as Kim Jong-Il, Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein. Lastly I ask you, can you show me a way to compare Obama to the unifying title these men hold without lessening the crimes of these men?