Monday, May 24, 2010

Plain Language About What’s Going on With Our Economy and Government Over Spending

OK, here it goes, stay with me because we’re going fast and I don’t want you to miss anything.
For the past decade the juice that propelled the world’s economies has lost its steam and credibility. We now are readjusting our economies to the new norm which will, before it’s all over, be about 50% from its high. 50% of the old norm is hopefully where we will level off, but by all other measures we could drop to zero of the old norm if we don’t watch it. That would mean our world’s economies would have collapsed. In other words our economies have already spent way more than they have and could ever repay.
Now, what’s holding us back from falling off the cliff to zero and financial ruin? Coordinated Global government spending and measured currency devaluations are now being executed to attempt to give the world a soft landing to these new norm levels.
With the G30 and our global monetary heads orchestrating this landing we all hope we can avoid a complete disaster both economically and civilly.
Now, did you get it? Do you understand now what’s happened and could happen? Probably not, right?
OK, I’ll make this simpler for you. Think of a room full of blown up balloons representing countries around the world, all the same shape, but all of them have different levels of air in them making them different sizes. Well, the process that’s going on now around the world is the slow deflating of these balloons with an eventual leveling of balloons all to the same size. That’s right the same size. That means that the USA balloon being 3 times greater than France will now be the same size as France. Get it? The devaluations and spending levels by governments are equalizing the size of all balloons. Unfortunately, for the American people this means that if the balloon contracts by 50% your standard of living is reduced by 50%. That means that if you have electric on in your house all day, you may have to cut that to a half day. That new car that you buy every 3 years may have to be put off to every 10 years and it might have to be a used car at that. Sound farfetched, not at all and you should be concerned because it’s all going on without your approval and knowledge.
Do you understand now what I’m saying? Is that plain enough for you to understand? I sure hope so. Now, what are you going to do about it?

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