Monday, May 24, 2010

Eye Witness Proof of President Obama’s Delay to Help Gulf States

Based on the Clean Water Act the President of the United States has dictatorial powers when he or she deems necessary to have our waters cleaned if an accident occurs that harms the water in and around our country. This is a fact that President Obama seems to have conveniently overlooked. Shame on you Mr. President, for your usage of this great water disaster to benefit your no drilling agenda. Shame on you Mr. President for wasting over 30 days while the oil spilled from the Gulf’s floor contaminating fisheries and waterways, when you knew you could have done something about it and didn’t.
In this video a parish president describes how the Obama administration purposefully delayed action to stop the spread of this great oil leak. Watch this video before they take it off YouTube.


Drewpy Hash said...

The man is right...this IS bullshit. Our gov't needs to put someone in charge of this situation to not only contain this oil,but to claen it up as well before a major hurricane comes along and forces that oil miles inland. Or for that matter,forces the oil to drift contaminating more coastline and waterways. Killing more of our eco system and wilflife.

Drewpy Hash said... bust on the in too big of a hurry!

Nicholas Contompasis said...

That's ok love the post.

Anonymous said...

you dumb ass conservatives for years have said govt hands off of the businesses and now that their is a HUGE problem you suddenly want the govt to intervene? HYPOCRITES ALL OF YOU!