Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The PIIGS Are Burning

PIIGS is the perfect acronym to describe the bloated and union led socialist governments of Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain. Their years of spending and promising more than what they have, now has a price tag, violence and civil disorder leading to possible anarchy.
The creation of the European Union and its currency the Euro has turned out to be just another money grab by the nonindustrial-socialist countries of southern Europe. After the creation of the union it became an open door to most peoples from around the world to migrate to. With the acquisition of a citizenship in any of the Union’s member countries, it allowed you to live, work in any of the other member countries and utilize their social programs such as medical and retirement plans. This mechanism has allowed many from Africa, Asia and the Middle East to utilize its social systems so to encumber them beyond the ability to finance them, which is where we are now. We currently have 3 dead and scores of buildings burning as the union led violent demonstrators continue their rampage of discontent because they just won’t tighten their belts to save their country.
Does any of this sound familiar? It should, because it’s the same path the United States is on if we let it. With no control of our borders and government growing out of control all you have to do is watch the video included in this article to understand what our future will look like. If you actually think that it can’t happen here, think again.
I remember when most major cities in America were on fire just as Athens is now. After the assassination of Martin Luther King the destruction to American cities was massive. So yes it can happen here and most likely will if this government continues on its destructive path.
Unfortunately, the progression of such civil movements leads to a more military and dictatorial government with a stifling of civil liberties to maintain order. So as you watch the evaluation of the Greek situation remember it’s just a microcosm of what will happen here sooner than you think.

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Anonymous said...

The riots in Greece are not led by unions and they are protesting against receiving so much foreign aid, not against spending less money.