Saturday, May 1, 2010

Obama – So, Let the Beatings Begin!

By Nicholas Contompasis

As the American people watch on national TV this weekend, Hispanic Power gathering in the streets of our border states, what will be their lasting feeling, fear, fear, fear? A portion of this once silent shadow population has now been mobilized by far left operatives to create civil disorder in our cities. As we view the thousands of illegal aliens in the streets, we finally see the magnitude of our folly. But the handlers of this minority haven’t thought this through. If they had they would have realized how threatening this image is to the average American. This new fear will force more states to tighten up on illegals in the same way Arizona has and the far left operatives will become more violent and vocal causing state clampdowns from Obama. So, let the beatings begin!
But again this is part of Obama’s new America with all of its ugly warts now being exposed. Now, let’s backtrack to the Gulf oil rig explosion and now massive oil leak that threatens most of our southeastern beaches reaching from Louisiana to Florida. As Rahm Emanuel President, Obama’s operations czar, once said “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” Well, it seems that Obama is sticking to the game plan with his dithering for a week before getting serious about the spill. After all if you’re promoting a green energy and an anti- oil program, you want the white sugar sand beaches of the south to be splattered with crude oil, dead birds and fish, right? Oh and let’s not forget that most of these states are Republican. So, let the beatings begin!
Now let’s move on to this week’s decision by Obama to scar the great Nantucket Sound with ugly, inefficient windmills. Even Senator (D) Ted Kennedy requested he not do this prior to his death in a personal letter to the President. But of course we know why Obama ignored the Senator's request. The Scott Brown (R) win in Massachusetts embarrassed Obama and now he has one more enemy on his ever growing enemies list. So, let the beatings begin.
As you can see we Americans are getting beat up by this president every day. We must all now be punished for our gluttony and excessive lifestyles. We must be punished for our world dominance. We must be punished for our excellence. We must be punished for our love of country. We must be punished. So, let the beatings begin!

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Anonymous said...

Well, I'm sure glad your having fun beating up on the President. #1. Illegals are the fault of those that hire & rent to them. #2. The oil in the Gulf is BP's fault, not Pres. Obama. #3. Mass. is responsable for Mass. Not Pres. Obama. If you want to beat up on someone, get your facts strait. If you can't, shut the hell up!!