Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Joe Sestak’s War on Obama – JFK Would Be Proud

Hey Kennedy, where the hell is Jack? I’ve got another chapter developing for your famous book “Profiles in Courage” and it’s a democrat this time, a real democrat! Back in February Joe Sestak democrat, who is running for Arlen Specter’s soon to be vacated seat in the Senate (Pa.) started a shit storm by admitting that he was offered a job if he bowed out of the senatorial race leaving Specter the lead dog in the race. Since then Specter lost in the primary and now the offhanded comment Sestak made on a KYW radio show in February is coming back to haunt the Obama administration in a big way.
Sestak is no dummy and he knows what he did when he made the statement. He still, in interviews makes it sound like it’s no big deal, but it is and he knows it. His sheepish responses are going to go down as simply an “I didn’t know” defense.
Sestak, a former Admiral, has watched as the radical thugs from Chicago have taken over the country and our foreign policy, thus weakening our country domestically and our influence around the world with disdain. For months most democrats have been asking where the real democrats are with no answer. Well that answer has now come across the airwaves loud and clear, Joe Sestak.
As a lone democrat in the wilderness Sestak is now single handedly fighting this leftist takeover of our government. Republicans are also calling for hearings on the matter with possibly calling for a special prosecutor. Before this is all over this investigation will reach the White House and somebody’s head or heads will roll and that includes the President's.
Yes, impeachment is in the cards if the orders lead back to the President.
But let’s not forget who we’re dealing with, right? Joe Sestak will someday soon reveal who offered him the job, or will he? In the true “Chicago Way” that day will never come if you’ve been following the murder/suicides coming out of Chicago of late. If Sestak can take the President down, his life could be in danger and he should do everything possible to protect himself from the “Chicago Way.”
As John Fitzgerald Kennedy once wrote in Profiles in Courage "The true democracy, living and growing and inspiring, puts its faith in the people - faith that the people will not simply elect men who will represent their views ably and faithfully, but will also elect men who will exercise their conscientious judgment - faith that the people will not condemn those whose devotion to principle leads them to unpopular courses, but will reward courage, respect honor, and ultimately recognize right."

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