Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Biden – Job Offer – Sestak – Biden Steps Down

The key to our new “Deep Throat” scandal of who offered Joe Sestak a job to step down from his Senatorial race in Pennsylvania lies with David Axelrod. Our first clue is Axelrod’s response to questions regarding the issue last week. It was very telling as to who made the job offer to Sestak. Axelrod stated that it would be illegal to have offered anyone a job. No other member of the administration has been that aggressive in describing the violation, meaning that he must know all about the situation and may have orchestrated it himself. Now, using deductive reasoning the next most logical question is who does Axelrod want out of the White House’s inner circle and who did he set up?
It would be my hunch that whoever made the offer was an idiot who thought that Sestak would keep his mouth shut. Also they just may not have known that it was a felony to do so or they're just an idiot. So, by using the same deductive process one must ask who is the dumbest guy in the administration? Well, let’s see, we have Joe Biden and then we have Joe Biden and let me see, oh yea what about Joe Biden? Enter Nancy Pelosi Vice President of the United States.

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