Thursday, May 20, 2010

Obama Appoints Radical Islamic Imam to Head US National Intelligence as Blair Steps Down Today

It looks like the recent rash of radical Islamic terror attacks and attempts on America has taken its first victim, Dennis Blair the former U.S. Navy Admiral who has held the job for the past 5 years. He served both President Bush and President Obama with only incidents occurring during his term with the Obama administration. Gee, I wonder why? Admiral Blair served our country with distinction and honor and it should never be said that he failed at his job. But it could be said that President Obama hampered his efforts to keep America safe. He steps down May 28th in 8 days. Who will run this very important agency and most importantly when will President Obama appoint someone?
This vacancy leaves a huge hole in the security of our nation and should be filled by someone with a strong military and intelligence background as soon as possible. Leaving this vacancy open for even one day will signal to our enemies the lack of resolve our nation has in protecting its citizens. But maybe it’s something Obama isn’t interested in doing, keeping American citizens safe.
The fear I have now is, will we see a Van Jones appointed or even worse a Muslim? Knowing the modus operandi of just about everyone in this dysfunctional administration we will most likely see a radical Islamic imam appointed. With the clock ticking on this President’s less than 1000 day administration, the possibility of all of us surviving it becomes more precarious every day that passes.


spongedocks said...

so what kind of goods did Blair have on obama dude and Holder? Did you notice the letter of resignation was to his staff and not to the WH? Real bad blood there, Blair needs to watch his back.

Anonymous said...

where can i find more info about blair resigning?

Nicholas Contompasis said...

Just google news. It's all over the news now.

Rodney Bush said...

Great read and awesome! God Bless you patriot!