Tuesday, May 25, 2010

ShoreBank – The Preferred Bank of the Obama Pirates

The bailing out of ShoreBank of Chicago Illinois is nothing more than a third party taxpayer bailout of, next to Fanny and Freddy-Mac, the most corrupt bank in the nation. With strong connections to the Obama administration this bank is the slush fund bank for the most corrupt political machine in America. With ties to Van Jones President Obama's controversial former "green jobs czar" who resigned in September after it was exposed he founded a communist revolutionary organization and Valerie Jarrett, a top staffer to President Obama who according to rumors acted as a bag man for Chicago’s Mayor Daley, this bank stinks to high heaven.
Now, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation chairman Sheila Bair has, under pressure from the White House (Obama/Jarrett), allowed Shorebank to survive with a monetary injection from a group of banks that have been propped up by taxpayer dollars. Sheila Bair, who is considered a most reputable government chairman, has now soiled her sterling reputation with the dirt from Chicago. I wonder how she’ll sleep at night after this travesty. Rather than close this pillar of political corruption the FDIC chose to keep it open with third party banks, soiling them also. Goldman Sachs is one of those banks. Are you getting it now? Could the hearings and charges against Goldman just be leverage against them to make sure they cooperated with the pirates in the White House to save their booty bank or banks? Sure looks that way.
This blog has reported of many deaths coming out of Chicago lately involving corrupt politicians who were close to spilling the beans on the Obama money laundering machine. I’m sure Sheila Bair reads the Chicago Tribune’s obituary and got smart real fast by cooperating with the thugs in the White House.
By keeping ShoreBank open it will allow the White House to keep the money laundering machine going for future capers while forgiving existing loans that padded the pockets of local corrupt politicians.
Remember, your taxes are paying for these holes in our bucket and remember the gate keepers to these money laundering schemes sit in our Congress and Oval Office and you should be mad as hell.
Oh, and keep checking that Tribune obituary column, you never know who’s name could pop up.

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