Monday, May 3, 2010

Shahzad Faisal Arrested For Bombing Attempt on Times Square


Arrest made in Times Sq. bomb attack
From the New York Post 9:45 PM PST
Police have arrested a Connecticut man in connection with the attempted car bombing of a busy Times Square Street Saturday night, NBC is reporting. Shahzad Faisal, of Connecticut, was arrested in Long Island within the last hour.
Earlier today, federal authorities said they identified a naturalized American citizen who recently returned from Pakistan as a "person of interest" in the attempted car bombing on Broadway Saturday night but did not release his name.
Associated Press, quoting two law enforcement officials, reported that he is the man who purchased the SUV involved in the attempted bombing.
The Nissan Pathfinder parked outside a theater playing the hugely popular "The Lion King" and containing a crude propane and gasoline bomb, was set on fire but failed to detonate. Officials have said that had it been successful, the bomb would have inflicted massive damage in the crowded tourist Mecca.
The last registered owner of the Nissan Pathfinder told authorities he recently sold the car on Craigslist for $1,300 in cash to a “Middle Eastern” or “Hispanic” looking man, CBS News reported. The buyer reportedly paid in cash, with $100 bills.

Arrest in NY Bomb Plot

From Reuters 9:20 PM PST

US authorities have arrested a man in connection with the failed car bombing in New York's Times Square. NBC News identified the suspect as Shahzad Faisal.US investigators earlier said they wanted to arrest a Pakistani-American man they have identified as the buyer of the vehicle. The man recently returned from a trip to Pakistan, the newspaper said, citing people briefed on the investigation. The naturalized US citizen from Pakistan, who lives in neighboring Connecticut, bought the 1993 Nissan sport utility vehicle with cash and no paperwork in the last three weeks, the Times said. "Investigators who were tracking the man were also exploring whether he or others who might have been involved in the attempted bombing had been in contact with people or groups overseas," it said, citing unnamed federal officials.

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