Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Breaking News From the Middle East – War Any Day

Israel and Iran are on the verge of war that will kill millions in the Middle East. This video is the most up to date information available to the average citizen in the U.S. This should be watched and pay attention to the comment by the General about Iranian container ships off the U.S. coast armed with Iranian missiles with biological weapons. This summer is going to be hot hot hot.


BITE ME said...

I would like to see this happen. The Earth needs a break from us fleas that are ruing & slowly killing it. Best thing is all humans die so the planet & the other non destructive lifeforms can continue to live on.

If any survivors are left, maybe they will have some respect for the planet & treat it better & not as a cesspool that we have for the past 50 yrs.

I always know eventually Israel will drag America into a war that would be the end of things as we now know it, best to just let the countries opposed to Israel have it & things will be better. Death to the Apartheid racist Israeli Regime. Its pretty bad when real Jews are even against Israel ...

BITE BACK said...

Your a sick Wacko "B.M". How about you go to war with yourself and jump off a bridge! EVERY nation has a right to protect themselves from attack. If Isreal gets attacked or needs to strike 1st to take out the weapons of those planning an attack, they have every right to do so. This American, JEW is for Islreal protecting herself and all other nations to do the same. If you hate humatity so much, again leave us, we don't need you either. :) Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...



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