Tuesday, May 4, 2010

DANGER - MoveOn.org Infects Your Children’s Teachers Daily

This is an email that has been sent out to each and every teacher across the country including most union members of other trades. I have posted the email and have entered my thoughts in (CAP’S) on the various comments made by Justin Ruben one of MoveOn.org’s socialist leaders. Let’s remember this organization is funded by George Soros the international billionaire who hates America. I think you’ll find this compelling, informative and downright threatening to our children.
Last week, I asked MoveOn members to help launch one of our most important campaigns ever—to end the stranglehold that big corporations and lobbyists have on our democracy. (CORPORATIONS THAT EMPLOYEE THE MAJORITY OF AMERICANS)
The response has blown away our expectations. So far, almost 10,000 people have pledged monthly donations for a total of over $50,000 a month—an incredible start.(THIS SHOULD SCARE YOU)
We're already more than halfway to getting this campaign fully funded. So I'm reaching out to you to help us get there.(THIS SHOULD SCARE YOU)
Like you, I worked my guts out to elect Barack Obama. And while some really important things have happened as a result—especially the health care bill (A DISASTER FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE)—it's pretty clear that the fundamental change we all want will be impossible until we kick the big corporations and their lobbyists out of Washington (IF THEY DO, ALL THAT WILL BE LEFT WILL BE SOCIALIST UNION LOBBYISTS).
Dreaming of a clean energy future? Dream on. Thanks to the energy companies, legislation being debated in the Senate right now would actually expand nukes, offshore drilling, and coal (LET’S SEE, IF WE STOP ALL OF THESE SOURCES OF ENERGY WE WILL BE THROWN BACK INTO THE DARK AGES AND OTHER COUNTRIES WOULD DESTROY OUR CIVILIZATION. THESE PEOPLE ARE CHOCKS).
Want to make sure every job pays a living wage and that all workers can choose the protection of a union (SOCIALISM AND CONTROLLED BY UNION THUG BOSSES. CAN YOU SPELL TEAMSTERS UNION JIMMY HOFFA?)? Probably impossible, as long as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce spends nearly $150 million per year on lobbying alone—not even counting campaign contributions. (GOD BLESS THE U.S. CHAMBER OF COMMERCE).
How 'bout closing the widening gap between the rich and the poor (SOCIALISM AND WEALTH REDISTRIBUTION)? How 'bout investing enough in education so every child gets a decent education and every family can afford college (WHY GO TO COLLEGE SINCE THERE ARE NO JOBS.GO INTO DEBT WITH OBAMA’S COLLEGE MONEY SO HE NOW OWNS YOUR CHILD. NOT MY KID. OVER MY DEAD BODY)? How 'bout making workplaces really work for people with families, including paid sick leave and parental leave (SURE AND WHY DON’T WE PAY FOR EVERY TIME YOU TAKE A CRAP, OH WE ALREADY DO)?
Right now these proposals would get you laughed out of the room in Washington. Because they all face overwhelming opposition from powerful, entrenched interests. (THIS SHOULD SCARE YOU)
That has to change. So, after consulting with thousands of MoveOn members, we've made a decision: to launch a massive campaign to fix our democracy (FIX OUR DEMOCRACY, HEAR THAT? SOCIALISM IS WHAT THEY WANT TO CHANGE TOO) and put We the People back in charge (YOU WILL HEAR FROM “WE THE PEOPLE” SHORTLY).
It's a hugely ambitious idea. It won't be done this year, or next, though I think we can make real progress quickly. It definitely can't be done by MoveOn members alone (THAT’S BECAUSE THEY ARE A SMALL MINORITY THAT PLAN TO CONTROL THE MAJORITY LIKE SIMILAR TYRANTS HAVE DONE IN THE PAST). And, even though it'll be powered and led by volunteers (SOCIALISTS), we need to raise at least one million dollars to make sure we have the resources to take on such huge opposition (YOU HAVE’NT SEEN OPPOSITION TILL YOU‘VE SEEN US IN THE NOVEMBER ELECTIONS).
So I'm writing to ask you to invest in this idea, to help build a movement, from the ground up, to confront corporate influence and revive our democracy (OH DON’T WORRY, OUR DEMOCRACY IS BEING REVIVED WITHOUT YOUR HELP).
Thank you for all you do.
–Justin and the rest of the team

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