Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Obama Hit List Keeps Growing

What I want to know is where the hell is Oliver Stone? We have one of America’s biggest and still growing killing fields and nobody is writing or talking about it. Maybe they’re too scared to. After following this never ending murder/suicide theme in the home state of our President Barack Obama, one comes away realizing that there is a purge going on to eliminate anyone connected to the Obama Regime. It’s downright frightening when you see how many people have died so far. I have chronologically listed the eliminations below.

May 7th 2010 – Phil Pagano of Chicago, Illinois – Director of Metra – jumped in front of train - and under investigation for alleged financial corruption.

March 28th 2010 - John Thornton of Washington Park, Illinois - Mayor – assassinated, shot in the head – was under investigation and served time in jail for financial fraud involving the city.

November 16th 2009 - Michael Scott of Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Board of Education Chairman - shot in the head - The 60-year-old under investigation for preferential admissions at the city's top schools and for a deal to develop land near a planned 2016 Olympics site while he sat on a board overseeing the city's Olympic bid. Scott was a three-time member of the Chicago Board of Education, going back to the days of Chicago Mayor Jane Byrne, and was close to Mayor Richard Daley. He had also been head of the Chicago Park District and the Chicago Urban League

September 12th 2009 - Chris Kelly – Chicago, Illinois – drug overdose – 51 year old construction contractor who became one of the governor's top fundraisers and the go-to guy in the administration. He faced the brunt of allegations for years of pay-to-play dealings under Blagojevich and was indicted by the federal government three times in two years on corruption charges.

No killings in 2008. This was the year Barack Obama was running for election for President of the United States. No surprise here!

September 13th 2007 • Orlando Jones – Chicago, Illinois – shot in the head – 52 year-old former top aide to former Cook County Board President John Stroger and his godson, shot himself days after the FBI tried to question him. Jones, also a lobbyist, was reportedly under criminal investigation for wrongdoing regarding hospital contracts in Las Vegas and he had been questioned in relation to pension fund deals in Illinois.

More people have been eliminated but I think you’ve got the picture, right? Make no mistake about it, the people behind the President play for keeps and the American people should be worried about the thugs that are now running our country.


Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like this "analysis" was written by a close minded republican whose pouting because the vote didn't swing your way.

Anonymous said...

Looks a lot like the Clinton's. Maybe this time we'll catch someone and keep them alive long enough to prove something...

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that no one was murdered or shot the year Obama was running for election. It seems that the facts have been bent to braking point here.

Anonymous said...

It's surprising you haven't noticed that the number of pirates have been decreasing at the same time that bubblegum sales are increasing.

Anonymous said...

i don't know what to say here but i think we have a sleeper cell as president!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if this crap keeps up we'll be the u.s. of china o i think we are already now thatr they own us ty obama you've done a great JOB......of fucking up this country!!!! o thats right its bushes fault i forgot you say that everyday obama please impeach yourself before we the people get really pissed off

Anonymous said...

Why isn't this more heavily reported? Oh, I think Limbaugh or Beck would be all over it if there were any clear connections directly to Obama that could bring him down. During the Clinton regime, Rush was all over the Vince Foster and Ron Brown mysteries. Or maybe these deaths are not being reported because its Chicago, the home of dirty politics and shelter for gangsters since the days of Al Capone and the Untouchables.