Wednesday, November 2, 2011

God Bless Donald Trump - Donald Trump Steps Up and Defends Herman Cain Against Jon Stewarts Racist Remarks!!!!

By Nicholas Contompasis

Trumps response to Jon Stewart's rant about Herman Cain.
"How come Jon Stewart gets away with a very, very racist rant about Herman Cain?" an outraged Trump asks from behind his desk in a video he posted on YouTube. "Nobody else could pull that off. Where is Reverend Jackson? Where is Reverend Sharpton? Where are all the critics that if someone else did it, it would be a disaster?"
"It's not what he said, but the way he said it," fumed “The Apprentice” host. "The tone of his voice, the inflection. Unbelievable. Anybody else, deep, deep trouble."
"Where's sleepy-eyed Chuck Todd when someone else says something even a little bit non politically correct they go after him," Trump said, referring to NBC News' chief White House correspondent. "But when Jon Stewart does a horrible, horrible thing to the African American community, they leave him alone?"
Thanks for setting the record straight again Mr. Trump.


Digital Publius said...

The Donald is right! He was doing an obvious Amos and Andy like dialect in the attempt to paint Mr. Cain as a caricature and racist stereotype.

Bodacious_9-9-9 said...

Thank you Nicholas for posting this. Where is the outrage from the left? Where is the outrage from the ones who make their living off of the black communities ignorance of political issues? ie, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton? They are keeping very very quiet, because they loathe Herman Cain. Herman Cain has proved that anyone , and I mean anyone no matter if they are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo,violet or white can achieve the AMERICAN DREAM as long as government stays out of the way and doesn't make U.S. dependent upon it . They are probably hoping that the black community doesn't get wind of the racist bit that Jon Stewart calls humor but offends me as a white person. I hope it offends others also. It also offends me that someone or a political party are trying their darn=est to smear Herman Cain's good name. (another subject) but, I do agree with your statement "God bless Donald Trump" for speaking out. I love his in your face attitude. We shall see if anything comes of it . I sadly, doubt it though.