Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Formation of the ArabZone or This Arab League Ain't No Baseball Team

By Nicholas Contompasis

As events unfold in the Middle-East, it has become evident that Obama has turned over leadership of the region to the Arab League with the Muslim Brotherhood as advisors, possibly Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah and Hamas as enforcers. Today's Syrian talks with the Arab League have illustrated this new shift in power.
By pulling Syria away from Iran's gravitational pull, it will put added pressure on Iran by isolating them further.
It must be remembered that Iranians are not Arabs, so their attempt to dominate the Arab world is looked on with suspicion.
Yes, there are issues with Sunni and Shiite which meld throughout the Middle-Eastern countries, but as the cards are dealt, spades gravitate to spades and diamonds to diamonds.
If the Arab Spring continues to play out the way it has, there will likely be a formation of an ArabZone, similar to the EuroZone. This would form a united front, economically and militarily against Iran's expansionist policies.
It could ultimately destroy the current regime in Tehran and further advance the standard of living of most in the Middle-East.
We can only wait and see how this very tenuous situation plays out. Israel and the world's oil and gas supplies dangle in the wind as gusts shift back and forth.

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