Thursday, November 24, 2011

And the Beat Goes On - Obama White House Leaks Continue to Kill and Neutralize Our C.I.A. Agents - Happy Thanksgiving

By Nicholas Contompasis

As the tragedy in Lebanon a few days ago spreads to other C.I.A. outposts in the Middle East, America's ability to defend itself becomes weaker around the world. Is it this President's wish to destroy the C.I.A., it seems so!?!?
The cancer of this region is Iran. Now another C.I.A. station in the highly sensitive city of Tehran has been imprisoned and will most likely be executed soon.
This cannot continue before real evidence points to deliberate acts of treason by the Obama Administration.
How can any patriotic American put up with the staffing at the White House that is blatantly anti-American?
When you have so many high level appointed Iranian decent operatives working with U.S. policy makers, there are no secrets.
Come on President Obama it's as obvious as the nose on your face, that keeps growing.

Iran claims arrest of 12 CIA agents

Jessica Phelan November 24, 2011

Twelve suspected CIA agents have been arrested in Iran, according to an Iranian politician. They were allegedly working with Israeli's intelligence service, the Mossad.
Iranian intelligence services have arrested 12 CIA agents, according to Iranian legislator Parviz Sorouri.
Sorouri, who the Associated Press describes as an influential member of Iran's parliamentary Foreign Policy and National Security Committee, told state media that the alleged agents were working in collaboration with the Mossad and other Middle Eastern intelligence agencies.
Sorouri accused the alleged agents of seeking to sabotage Iranian nuclear, military and security, reported state-owned Press TV:
"The US and Zionist regime's espionage apparatuses were trying to damage Iran both from inside and outside with a heavy blow, using regional intelligence services.
"Fortunately, with swift reaction by the Iranian intelligence department, the actions failed to bear fruit."
He gave no details about the nationality of the alleged agents, or where they were arrested.
His claims are as yet unconfirmed. Iran periodically announces the capture or execution of alleged US or Israeli spies, and often no further information is released, noted the AP.
The report comes shortly after current and former US officials said that two CIA-run espionage rings had been unmasked in Iran and Lebanon, where they were reportedly spying on the Iranian nuclear program and Hezbollah's activities with regard to Israel.

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