Sunday, November 13, 2011

This is the Kind of Leadership We Need in America

By Nicholas Contompasis

British Member of the European Parliament, Nigel Farage to European Parliament is brilliant in this video. This is leadership at its finest. Watch how he points out the member countries folly and the doom they are about to experience. "What planet are you on?" he asks the members.
Questions that should be asked of our own Congressmen and President.
This video is empowering. Watch the entire video, it gets better as he hits a grand slam.

Bonus video

What the European Union is Really Afraid of.....

By Nicholas Contompasis

As the Soviet Union gradually became a distant memory, the small countries of Europe formed the E.U. The formation of this European Union was to bring economic and social prosperity to the region, similar to the U.S.

Thus, during twenty years as it grew, the living standards of its member states became some of the best in the world. But, trouble was brewing.

Like most unions there are always weak links that have to be supported when times are bad, and it appears this is one of those times.

I won’t bore you with the messy details of why Greece and other member states are derelict in their financial dealings. I’m just going to remind you of what is really bothering this frail union of debt ridden countries. The angry protesters on the streets of Athens may appear to be the reason for concern, but they're not.

It’s about a history book, The History of Europe. In that book as you read chapter after chapter, you are constantly reminded that every country, at one time or another had raped and pillaged the other. It could be said that after hundreds of years just about every person in Europe had a damn good reason to kill people from every other member state.

As this European economic crisis spreads across the landscape of historic battlefields and graves of ancestors, the leaders of this Union know that it must not fail, or else.

Or else, the continent will revert back to its historic ways of envy, greed and prejudice. For if this Union were too fail and break back into its original countries, historians know it would be just a matter of time before another continental war occurred. The E.U. fears itself more than any external threat.

So, don’t be surprised if you see the E.U. do everything in its power to keep its members in tow. For it’s easier to write a check than bury the dead.

It's the devil in all of us that must be controlled, or we will fall back into an old but new chapter in The History of Europe.

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