Saturday, November 12, 2011

Occupy Wall Street vs Tea Party Equals Civil War - Where Have the Tea Party Street Demonstrations Gone?

By Nicholas Contompasis

Can you imagine what would happen if Occupy Wall Street demonstrators met the Tea Party on the streets of America? Of course, there would be violence. That's why you don't see Tea Party street demonstrations anymore in America.
In a logical and well thought out move, the Tea Party has taken the movement to cyberspace, where they can touch more people and counter the so called Leftist mainstream media.
This is one of the smartest moves by the Tea Party since their inception back in 2009. The interesting part of this seemingly well coordinated move was that it wasn't coordinated at all. It just happened.
It seems that the clear minded Patriots of America came up with this strategic move individually on their own. The move was nothing short of brilliant and flies in the face of the Obama Administration's attempt to create a violent and disruptive environment in America.
Their plan isn't working, and for that matter seems to be backfiring on them. The American people are fed up with the filthy, raping and robbing demonstrators that now represent the President, Lefty Congressmen and Mayors. The cause of this disruption to Americans is squarely being laid at the feet of Democrats.
With three murders and deaths reported at Occupy sites over the past two days America has had it!!!
Now, most Liberal mayors that are hosting these bizarre acts of outspoken insanity are turning on the demonstrators. They now say they will clean up the mess they've encouraged and will finally do their jobs of maintaining order and stability in our larger American cities.
Time will tell, but in the meantime the Tea Party remains the undisputed champion of Democracy at work for a better America. They didn't need a leader, they didn't need a play book, they just did what was in their hearts and they're rapidly changing America for the better.
There will never be a conflict between the Tea Party and Occupy simply because the Tea Party members are smart, love their country and wouldn't do anything to harm it. We can't say that about Occupy, can we?

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Mayor_Bodacious_9-9-9 said...

Excellent observation of the Tea Party. We the People are scared to death for our countries future. We refuse to engage with anarchist ignorance that has been displayed across our country as of late in what has turned into a Sodom and Gomorrah . We the people have a job to do and we will battle this war with our wits and determined efficiency via the internet , town halls, phone calls, etc.... Thank you for your efforts in saving our great republic. Continued God's Speed.